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What to Expect in a Session with Simona

  • Tarot Therapy facilitates a deep inner work with the emotional, energetic and mental body. We use the cards to unveil any blockages, stored trauma, conditioned limiting believes or just a temporary mind set which hold you back in some way. We work towards releasing all that and starting the healing process through ceremony, ritual, sound healing, movement, visualisation meditations and retraining the mind to support your full creative self-expression rather than hinder you. 


  • The online and in person sessions usually last a bit over than an hour and consist of consultation, meditation, divination and singing bowl bath to anchor the messages and the guidance received. This sessions are designed in such way as to bring clarity into your personal situations and to empower you. My style of reading can peak into most matters that concern you and offer a higher perspective of your situation and a helpful guidance towards a positive action & direction. From the purely materialistic realm such as: relationships, career, money, direction in life, my readings can take you also to the more ethereal realms if that is your wish. We can dive into spiritual lessons, messages from spirit guides and the higher self, insight into belief & behavioural patterns, chakra healing,  identifying and releasing trapped emotions and trauma..etc. 

  • I will treat you with respect, non-judgment, openness, understanding and absolute confidentiality.


  • You have a free will and you create your life so there is nothing in the future that is set in stone. The Tarot can only give you options and hints of which choice and direction is most beneficial for you and the cards can serve as a mirror reflecting back the truth of your situation. The cards will bring an insight into the energies you are working with and/or are surrounded by and what is it that is being manifested. You can always change the course of that if you do not like where it is heading and the cards can also give you advice how to alchemise the current energies for your highest good and the highest good of all involved. You are a powerful creator of your own life so use the tarot as a tool to aid you in your healing & manifestation journeys.

  • ONLINE SESSIONS are facilitated via Zoom and include consultation, meditation, divination, singing ball bath. The cost is £44.

  • IN PERSON SESSIONS include all that is included in the online session (but in person which is always better) as well as herbal blend tea, tarot mandala on the floor, cushions, blankets, candles, incense and a very safe, calm and energetically clear space to be in. The cost is £55.



There are two options to choose from: 

  • Online Session via Zoom

  • In Person Session at my Therapy Room

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