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Simona Yovcheva - Forager, Chef, Herbalist in Training, Dance Artist,  Ceremony Facilitator

What is Plant Whisper about?

  •  Plant Whisper is a social enterprise entirely dedicated to conscious environmentalism, re-wilding and rebranding the human by dismantling the concept that the human is separate from nature and a destroyer of the earth.

  • We find the essential roles that humans play in this global ecosystem, emphasise and teach these positive roles.

  • We teach how to return to our natural origins, how to remember and anchor the fundamental truth that humanity is as much part of the collective ecosystem as any other wild creature on the earth.


  • We believe that by healing ourselves we heal the earth and by healing the earth we heal ourselves.​​

Plant Whisperer - Simona Yovcheva

What we offer and what our practice is about

We collapse the mental gap dividing the human and the rest of nature with the help of workshops, courses, talks, art projects and community activities such as:

  • Urban Foraging, Herbalism and Wildcrafting

  • Forest Bathing and Sensory Nature Walks

  • Cooking, Making Art and Medicine with Wildcrafted Plants

  • Learning about the Land, Native Species and our Interconnectedness through Folklore, Herbalism, Ceremony, Fire Circles, Song & Dance

To Learn About Our Current Projects & Offerings 



Liping Mak


  • I really enjoyed attending the Mugwort Summer Solstice event run by Simona. She is a very calm and friendly person and facilitated and held a very peaceful, supportive and safe space. I enjoyed the various different elements of the event. The opportunity to share food, to hear others and to be heard. Exploring mugwort and its healing properties and listening to Simona share her knowledge with such passion!  There is no rush to move on to the next element, Simona is attentive and permissive and facilitates according to the group dynamic allowing time for reflection and thought.  She very quickly instils a sense of community and belonging amongst a group of strangers who have just met! Simona has a wonderful gift and I have much gratitude that she shares her love of plants in her event offerings.  I think it is important to learn about our surroundings and the bountiful pickings in nature both for nourishment and medicinal properties, that we walk past every day without even realising. 


Joel Saunders

  • "Simona creates a magical engaging space to explore the plant world and connect more deeply to your local land. The mixture of wild food lore and mindful practices is fantastic as by the end of the day your senses become more attuned to the edible landscape and the stories it holds. Loved every moment of the experience and learnt a lot of new tasty things to take forward."


Dayana Tsvetkova

  • "I've been participating regularly at the ceremonies held by Simona. I've been consciously choosing to come back because of the undeniable positive effects on my mind and body. In the midst of a pandemic, Simona's events are a safe place to spend time with people via Zoom and nurture oneself. I always felt welcomed, respected and listened to. Simona has a way of guiding people that is so natural yet with a clear intention. I enjoyed every part of the ceremonies including the sharing circle, the movement / dance, the meditation. One time, Simona collaborated with a fellow artist and they prepared for us tea and treats specifically chosen to support our practice. Receiving these through the post felt very special. Also being led by Simona in the art of dance improvisation was extremely special. I could really surrender myself to the process. Every event created by Simona enriched my life and I will definitely be back for more.​"


Hannah Charlotte


  • My experience at the event was one I’ve never had before, it was an atmosphere of pure love and healing. I didn’t know what to expect from a tea ceremony, I had never been to one of Simona’s events before and I was a bit nervous. But walking in I was instantly put at ease by friendly faces and a hug by Simona. We drank tea and ate cake made with foraged crab apples while we learnt of the folklore and magic associated with them, as well as the healing properties they bring. We all shared stories of folklore we’d heard too. Simona then lead us through a meditation, which I can never usually do very well, but her guidance allowed my mind to truly rest and unwind. Simona then read all our tarot cards; the accuracy of her readings moved many to tears as we discussed what the tarot cards were referring to. The energy was that of pure love and healing, and in this moment I felt safe and connected to these strangers around me. I had been going through a rough time and Simona and her cards picked up on this, and as I cried and explained how I felt, I begun to heal and reflect and see things a little bit more clearly. I will forever be grateful to have had that moment. As we left, the once strangers stood around chatting and hugging and saying their goodbyes. I slept better than I ever had that night.


Joshua Green

  • "Simona Yovcheva is a wonderful guide for anyone interested in deepening their relationship with and knowledge of herbs, movement and tarot. Her sessions with me have always facilitated direct seeing and thus powerful transformation."       


Mark This


  • "I have attended several of Simona's events.
    Although each one I go along to is slightly different I notice that there are common feelings I leave these events with. I feel that by taking part I gain an insight into my own relationship with the wider community around me.These insights help me recognise that the natural ecosystems around me offer ways to learn and interact in positive and open minded ways.The events draw my attention towards aspects of my local community that I may otherwise not notice, acknowledge and appreciate.There is something about the gentle and thoughtful ways that Simona facilitates these group events that help me see past my everyday insecurities and interact with the others in the group in a more accepting and compassionate ways.Taking these learnings and observations with me beyond the actual event, supports me to be better at listening to the human and more than human life all around me in my local and wider communities."

Kami Kaminska

  • "Amazing experience and so much to learn! Feeling sheepish at how little attention I ever paid to the richness of the plants around me..."

Antony Brush

  • "I really enjoyed Simona's urban foraging course.  Simona taught us to
    identify some common herbs growing in a local nature park, their
    medicinal uses, and folklore.  Simona also gave warnings about herbs
    with dangerous lookalikes.  The event had a friendly vibe, and the food
    at the end was delicious.  Recommended!"


Norah Frances


  • "There is no way to describe how beautiful and healing tonight was. I cried. I felt like I was there for a reason. I feel closer to Stephen and Han. My tarot cards were spot on. I talked about trauma and heard some knowledge about the body and knees that I think will be really useful in my EMDR healing. It felt like I was meant to hear it. And I learned a lot about apples! And ate a lot of apples! Thank you Simona!"

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