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Funprovisation Programme

Funprovisation movement workshops are a combination of contemporary dance techniques, contact improvisation, animalistic movements, play, somatic movement and somatic tasks and games aiming to encourage the participants to find their natural way of moving and to tap into a flow of free creative expression.  

The practice develops each participant’s unique way of moving and expressing themselves through the body. In this way we train the mind to trust the intelligence of the body and build confidence and trust in ourselves and our environment.

Re-wilding the Human through Movement

  • What better way to establish deeper connection to the natural environment than to start with our own bodies which present as our most readily accessible natural playground. 

  • Funprovisation movement workshops teach us that our bodies, spirit and psyche are as wild, organic and free as every other wild creature on the planet.

  • Feeling comfortable and confident within our bodies, understanding our own physicality and our bodies' needs, abilities and limitations is as important for re-wilding the human as is any other environmental activity/practice.

What to Expect from the Classes

The sessions are designed in such way as to provide enough structure and support for anyone who has never done improvisation before but also leaving enough space for personal interpretation of movement and adding different dynamic or direction.  Some of the methods used for inspiring and inviting movement responses are:

  • Imaginative tasks

  • Verbal cues

  • Partner and group work 

  • Animal movements

  • Investigating movement possibilities in relation to the three dimensions of space and fourth dimension of time

  • Self & body awareness techniques

  • Often times props will be used to inspire movement.

  • The outdoor sessions will invite contact improvisation (moving in contact) with the more than human world - encouraged will be contact or some form of interaction with plants, earth, trees, leaves, elements (like water, earth, air and fire).

  • The class progresses to less structure and more freedom to explore one’s natural way of moving with the help of visual and sound stimulus and partner/group creative exploration. 


Funprovisation is suitable for all ages and it can work well for a mixed group of adults and children. 

Home Ed Classes 2.jpeg

On these foraging walks you'll connect to the stories of the land, the native plants in your local area and to a friendly community of nature loving people. You will learn the medicinal & magical properties of the local plant life, how to use them and the folklore surrounding the plants and the land. You will be invited into embodied simple creative tasks involving movement, breath and nature art making which  encourage deeper somatic connection to the environment. 

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